What Is New In The Xbox One and The PS4?

By Jason Moreno

September 11, 2013
New XBox One On Display (via Media Wiki Commons)

New XBox One on Display. (via Media Wiki Commons)

The upcoming generation of gaming consoles is finally here! Both Microsoft and Sony have announced the release of their next generation consoles – the Xbox One for Microsoft and the PS4 for Sony — and both will be coming out in November, just in time for the holiday season.

Some of the details are still a little fuzzy, but after Gamescom and E3, we currently know a lot of the most important details of both systems coming out. This is a quick review of what we know so far about these consoles, before they are available in stores.

Launch Dates and Price

Sony has put forward a launch date of November 15 for the United States, and November 29 for Europe. Microsoft hasn’t given a confirmed launch date yet, though industry watchers believe it will be in late November, too.

The Xbox One is going to be sold for $499.99. For this price, the console comes bundled with a Kinect, offering gesture and voice control, along with video chat, ready to go when you take it out of the box. The PS4 is going to be $100 less than the Xbox One, coming in at $399.99.


AMD is powering all three of the major game systems this holiday season. The PS4 and the Xbox One will both have AMD chips under their hoods.

Games at Launch

Both of the consoles will have 8GB of good, solid RAM – this is 16x greater than the amount of RAM that was on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The RAM amount isn’t the only thing to consider, though. There are different kinds of RAM for each console. The PS4 will have GDDR5 RAM, and the Xbox One will have a slower and more common kind of RAM called DDR3 RAM.

Both consoles will use 500 GB internal hard drives, which might be hard for users who want to fully install or download all their games or use their system like a media server. Both of the consoles will make use of USB storage, and users will be able to use an additional hard drive if the system’s internal hard drive has a problem with the free space amount on it.

The Controllers

Nintendo does a huge shakeup with its controller layouts each generation, and Sony and Microsoft are definitely not going down that path, keeping with what users are already familiar with, with some very simple adjustments. The button configurations are the same as their predecessors. However, both controllers integrate additional features to the designers that the users are already comfortable with.

The PS4 controller will have a touchpad, integrated speaker and headset jack, and a light bar.

The Xbox One gamepad won’t have as many additional features. However, it does have feedback in the triggers, which might make shooting games a lot more immersive.

Media Features

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will be media hubs. Both of the consoles will also play Blu-ray discs. They also have their own online libraries of music and movies to rent or buy.


Stay tuned and we’ll write more articles on this if our readership would like to know more!

Nintendo’s 3DS Handheld Packs A Punch, Has A Great Library

By Jason Moreno

February 15, 2013

Whenever Nintendo releases a new, innovative system or handheld feature, it receives criticism from all across the board because of what many fans of other gaming camps decry as cheap, pandering gimmicks. However, no amount of name calling has derailed this fantastic handheld from producing a powerful library of great games, and this library only stands to expand and get better as we step into 2013. Home to dozens of great exclusives, the 3DS is going to be the handheld to look to for the amazing AAA portable titles that Nintendo is so well known for. Here’s a look at some of the highly anticipated games slated for release this next year.

Luigi’s Mandion: Dark Moon

Yes, yes, YES! Sorry, I had to get that out. Ever since the original Luigi’s Mansion, a launch title that made great use of the Gamecube’s (at the time) next generation technology, fans have been looking for the green garbed, vacuum slinging younger brother to Nintendo’s golden boy to make another appearance and finally, after a whopping 11 years we finally get our wish. Announced at the 2011 E3 conference, this sequel promises to offer a bigger, better experience than the first game with more mansions to explore and even more ghosts to hunt down and suck up with your trusty Poltergust 5000. Featuring gameplay similar to the original and beautiful environments thanks to the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D imaging, it looks like ghosts won’t be the only things sucked into this highly anticipated sequel.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate

Wow, that title is really a mouthful, but don’t be put off by it. Taking place 25 years after the original console release, Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate follows the paths of the Belmont bloodline as they fight against the evil reign of Dracula who has declared war on the Brotherhood of Light. Play as Simon and Trevor Belmont and many more as you gain new abilities, explore diverse locales, and pass on your powers through the Belmont bloodline in this epic, classic Castlevania style adventure. Where Lords of Shadow diverged from the standard Castlevania style, Mirror of Fate brings it right back again, leaving Castlevania fans the world over shaking with excitement.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

With the release of a new Nintendo game device comes, you guessed it, another Animal Crossing game! For when you’re tired of the boring, grey world outside, hop into the bright and colorful world of Animal Crossing! This new title features tons of great features that haven’t been seen in a US release of the game before, like greater customization of your character and more power over the layout of your house’s furniture. One of the game’s core mechanics is the ability to become your town’s mayor and be given control over customizing the appearance and layout of homes, fences, and other objects in and around your town. If you’re a fan of the great rural sim experience previous Animal Crossing titles have brought to the table, you’ll love the beautiful 3D visuals and all new features of New Leaf.

Time and time again, Nintendo shows the world that they don’t deal in gimmicks, they deal in innovations for their fans to enjoy. Between the fantastic features of the handheld and this all-star 2013 lineup, I’m proud to be a 3DS owner and beyond excited to see what else they have in store for us.

4 AAA Game Titles That Are Just Around The Corner

By Jason Moreno

January 6, 2013

The movie industry has its summer blockbusters, and the game industry has its “AAA” titles. These are the big budget, super-hyped titles that we all know about through our favorite blogs, magazines, or simply by word of mouth. Whether they’re sequels we’ve been waiting for since we finished the last installment, or new titles we can’t wait to sink our teeth into, these games are the ones that everybody knows, and is counting down the days to their release.

Here are some thoughts on some of the AAA mega-titles that are due out in the coming months.

DmC: Devil May Cry

This series has seen a lot of controversy from its first moment of creation. Originally slated to be a Resident Evil game, the first Devil May Cry shifted into a hack and slash horror hybrid that practically oozed style. Spawning three sequels (the well received 3 and 4 as well as the critically and fan panned DMC 2) this game will mark the fifth and most controversial installment of all. This series offers up a reboot of the series’ DNA with re-envisioned characters, storylines, and a complete makeover for the series’ main character Dante. However, with a recently released playable demo, DmC has been winning over even the most inert opposition with its slick visuals, unique redesign, and core gameplay that brings fans back to the basics in the best way possible. If you’re looking for a hardcore hack-and-slash game that will leave you aching for more, DmC is right up your alley.

Bioshock: Infinite

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen 2K Games’ city under the sea after the release of Bioshock 2, and with an eerie absence from E3 this year, many fans thought that Bioshock: Infinite might have ended up canceled or, even worse, “on indefinite hiatus”. Well, we all got a chance to breathe a sigh of release when preorders on this highly anticipated title opened up last month. Completely abandoning the dark and confined underwater environments of Rapture, Bioshock: Infinite takes us high into the sky with the steampunk themed city of Columbia as Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt is pitted against the citizens of this floating city as he works to rescue Elizabeth, a girl with mysterious powers. If you loved the original games, this is sure to be something you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

– The Metal Gear series has been a truly exceptional example of what makes games great. With a relatively unknown start on the NES, the series leapt into the hearts and homes of fans everywhere with Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation. Based around stealth gameplay, the series has gone down in history with legendary status. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance follows the story of cyborg ninja Raiden in the years following the 4th and final Metal Gear Solid game, as Raiden lives to protect the innocent from rogue militant groups seeking to benefit from the chaos surrounding the collapse of the “Patriots”. Leaving the stealth gameplay of the Solid series in the dust, Rising combines intense action gameplay with a unique, highly destructible world for you to tear to shreds with (literally) cutting edge game design. Look for it early this upcoming Spring.

God of War: Ascension

God of War practically invented the game genre of ultraviolence, with brutal, never before seen action sequences that pitted Kratos against Greek mythological beasts and deities alike in his quest to reclaim his family and, later, take his revenge on the gods who wronged him. Ascension lets us see a younger Kratos before the events of the first game, playing Kratos as he slowly rises to power leading up to his eventual defeat of Ares. Featuring beautiful high definition visuals and the same amazing gameplay that we’ve come to expect from the God of War series, Ascension is sure to be at the top of many gamers’ wish lists.

They say that when it comes to games, it’s not the hype or the budget but the end product that makes a game great. I agree with that wholeheartedly, but with such an amazing looking lineup of games slated for release even early next year, it sure doesn’t hurt to get our hopes up.